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Profitable property information delivered to 4.5 billion people in 120 countries

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Targeted at real estate investors and institutional investors in the influencer's home country (including those residing in Japan)

Property information system for foreign investors

Japan Business Model Patent Acquired

Real Estate Category 26 (2023/8) PAT No. 7336808

Starting in April, we will begin recruiting special members for the world's 5.4 billion Internet population and investment fund income. Domestic and international portable site homepages will be launched and operational in April. Special members will be registered as a domestic corporation under the name of "Ichii Taisui Assets", LLC. We will be able to handle two bank accounts, so there is no need to worry about management. We will also send you pinpoint property information and case magazines based on surveys. Countries include 120 countries and 20 regions (Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Pacific countries), and all languages ​​are supported, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This is the first system in Japan, and a business model patent application is currently being accepted.

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